A personal appreciation of these LMS designed trains.

*****NEWS 18/01/18*****

It is with regret that I have decided to close this site from 19/03/18. The reason is a significant hike in the fees charged by the hosting company - almost triple last year's. As this is purely a hobby venture, I can't justify this level of outlay. I hope to get the site up again with a different provider should I find a cheaper one. In the meantime, thanks to those folks who have allowed  me to use their pictures on the site. I appreciate your support.

*****NEWS 09/10/2017*****

 The Electric Railway Museum in Coventry, home of preserved LMS built unit 28690 closed yesterday after its final open day. The 503 unit will shortly move to a secure new home in the south of England, where its restoration will be planned.

More information can be found at the Class 503 Unit Facebook page

​28690 at Coventry, 08/10/2017


Updated 18/01/2018

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