My Class 503 Site

A ticket from the farewell railtour

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I got to know these trains in the early 1980s after I became interested in railways. As I lived in South Wales, I only got to ride on them in school holidays when I stayed with relatives in Liverpool. I came to love these old units: there was simply no comparison with the hideously bland 507s on the Northern Line, with their hard seats, poor window spacing and glaring lights. However, the rot was setting in: 508s were already working on the Northern Line, and during the summer of 1984, they started their invasion of the Wirral line. Imagine my shock when on my first trip that summer (in August) I saw a 508 arrive at Liverpool Central, ugh!! I soon discovered that no fewer than 17 503s were already dumped at Cavendish Sidings in Birkenhead awaiting the scrapman....

This site is not intended to be a definitive view of the units, rather a personal recollection of trains I knew and liked all too briefly.

‚ÄčIf you want to hear more, I have a series of recordings running to about 50 minutes, featuring 3 units, for ¬£5 including P&P. Please email if interested.